Menù à la carte

Appetizers journey

Five types of seafood and earthfood appetizers

€ 20,00 per person (minimum for 2 people)

_Baccala con patate e peperoni
_Ostriche, caciocavallo, porro e crusco di Senise
_frittata di novellame
_Primo sale, fave, cicorie e olive
_Carpaccio cotto di vitellino

Raw seafood

We use fresh products, so selection and supply may vary depending on the availability of our trusted suppliers

First courses

  • Scialatiello-pasta with Primitivo € 14,00

    and clams, with cardoncelli mushroom and lemon redfish meatballs

  • Artisan fusillone-pasta € 14,00

    with seafood delights, sauce with yellow datterino tomatoes and bottarga

  • Burrata cheese € 14,00

    with porcini mushroom, cheek lard, chestnuts and ewe's cheese

  • First of the day € 14,00
_scialatiello al primitivo
_Gran fusillo artigianale
_bottone di burrata


  • Double ricotta cheese between hot and cold € 6,00
  • Puff pastry, quince jam, mousse and chocolate sauce € 5,00
  • Dessert of the day € 5,00
_doppia ricotta fra caldo e freddo
Double ricotta