Enchanting place

Restaurant Antica Pesa, in the heart of Magna Graecia at the eleventh-century Castle of San Basilio.

Fairytale atmosphere

Fairytale atmosphere

The Castle of San Basilio

On a small hill, between the Basento and Cavone rivers, in a dominant and central position in the heart of Magna Graecia, stands the castle of San Basilio, in the Pisticci (Matera) district. It was built as a fortified farm around the seventh century by Greek-Byzantine monks, also called Basilians, who settled in this area of southern Italy after the death of Basilio di Cesarea (379 AD), to proselytize and to devote themselves to the cultivation of the land.

Our products are always fresh

Our kitchen offers dishes created on the basis of the availability of fresh produce procured locally, the catch of the day and seasonal vegetables.

Wine list

The Restaurant’s wine list includes important Apulian and Lucanian wine labels and fine international bottles.

Open for lunch and dinner

Wednesday - Sunday 12.30 - 14.30 / 19.30 – 22.30
Monday - Tuesday: Closed

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Bubble Loft Menù

Seafood cuisine according to Chef Nicola Morea

Each dish is born of the idea of making the food experience unique

Southern Italy is a land rich in resources, quality abounds and every season offers excellent products. The dishes made for the Antica Pesa di San Basilio restaurant embody both the local traditions of the Mediterranean cuisine, seeking to achieve the best taste and aesthetic appea – rance. Tradition and experimentation go hand in hand, as experience and knowledge give life to “a modern touch to yesterday’s taste”.

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L'Antica Pesa

In the early Middle Ages, the outer part of the restaurant – what is now called the Antica Pesa of the San Basilio Castle – was equipped with a large weighing place that served as a customs house to collect grain taxes. Historically, the weighing places were transformed by customs officers into refreshments for farmers. An emblem that recounts, by exalting them, the deeper origins of catering.